Fertility Meditation for Conception

Fertility Meditation for Conception


This mindful meditation that I have created is something I practiced many, many times during my cycles. 

I recommend your partner or friend read through this meditation first and then read out aloud, very slowly  to guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can record yourself reading the meditation and play this in a quiet space.  We know it will bring you a new peace.


Find a comfortable place, sitting or lying where you won’t be interrupted.

For this visualisation meditation, position your self with your palms upwards, towards the sky.

Roll your shoulders slowly backwards a few times and repeat forward.  Shrug them up, and release. Move your head back and forward, to the side, to the other side and relax as this stretch prepares you for your meditation.

Take a moment to be still and let’s commence with 3 full, deep breaths through your nose into your belly and sigh it out through your mouth on the out breath.  The outbreath should be longer than the inbreath loosening up the diaphragm. Pause at the end of each outbreath before breathing in again. Feel that moment of stillness in the pause. Continue to breath normally now as you continue to relax.

Many thoughts may enter your mind.  Tell yourself you will get back to those thoughts later. You will not be giving those thoughts any attention at present. This is your time, out of your busy day, away from the world.

I want you to focus on the palms of your hands and visualise holding a ball of light, coloured sky blue and bright white, the size of a large beach ball.

This light radiates, love, healing and protection. Its rays vibrate and expand widely as you prepare to bring this ball of light through your body.

Take one deep breath in and out and visualise placing this radiating ball of light resting on the top of your head as if putting on a crown.  Breathe normally.

This light, calms your mind, releases any thoughts, and relaxes any tension in the muscles of your scalp and face.

When you are ready, take a deep breath in……and on the extended slow outbreath visualise drawing this ball of light down through the top of your head, inside your body to rest on your shoulders.  Breathe normally.

See it’s bright blue and white light growing larger, relaxing the muscles in your neck and shoulders, melting the tension and stress from your body.

Take another deep breath in……and on the extended slow outbreath, visualise drawing this ball of light down to your chest area.  The ball of light expands outwards through your chest, vibrating a feeling of love through your heart which is now fully open.  Open to receive the unconditional love from you and of a healthy, desired baby.

Be here for a few moments. When you are ready, take a deep breath in…..and on the extended slow outbreath, visualise drawing this healing ball of light down towards your belly.  Breathe normally.  Here it grows and expands outwards larger than your body. It’s light radiating over and through your womb.   It’s light cleanses, balances and protects. 

See your womb, in perfect form, ready, rich with nutrients, it’s lining growing thick to receive the gift of life. Feel the love from this ball of light vibrate through your womb, and your belly. Your body is ready and balanced. You feel calm and trust the process.  All is well.

Take a final deep breath in………and on the extended slow outbreath, visualise this ball of light gently part into two of blue/white light that travel slowly down each leg.  It’s light taking with it all stress, all tension, all your worries, your’ what ifs’, with it as it continues down out the soles of your feet dissolving deep into the earth.

Stay here for a moment and focus on your normal relaxed breathing.



When you are ready to come out of the meditation – wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, turn your palms down, listen to any sounds in the room and slowly bring your focus back to the room and open your eyes.

How do you feel?


Benefits can be felt straight after just one meditation. Although practicing just a few times a week over 4 weeks, you will start to feel the difference within you. You will cope with your emotions during disappointments, you will feel less stressed, calmer, and sleep better.  You also develop your intuition!

Mindful Meditation builds resilience and helps you get through the gruelling process of IVF.  I attribute my ability to work through many IVF failures to lots of meditations, visualisations and a positive mindset where I could. IVF is mentally challenging for many women and their partners and meditation should be given equal effort in being part of preparing and succeeding with IVF.

If you find difficulty visualising. We recommend practicing with an object, like an apple in your palm. Look at the apple, study all the details on it, the spots, it’s colour, it’s curves, then close your eyes and try to picture these details.  In time you will be able to visualise and it will become easier.

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