IVF is the "new normal".

IVF is the "new normal".

IVF is on the news everywhere, just about daily; it seems to be the new normal in having a baby.  From celebrities to local newsreaders, 1 in 6 suffers from infertility,  i.e. unable to fall pregnant from 1 year of trying naturally.  One contributing factor we know is women delaying the age in having a baby.  Not all by choice either. (More to come on this in future blogs)   Hence the latest medical procedure of egg freezing is gaining popularity for delaying time. Time which seems to be going all too fast in many of us living a busy lifestyle from morning to night.   Time where research has given us age correlated pregnancy success rates timelines.  There are declining fertility rates world-wide, is there panic in the air? 

For those on this fertility journey, we partake in all the lifestyle changes required like optimal weight, healthy eating, limit alcohol etc.  We follow the medical treatments in trying to conceive, all the physical things prescribed by our fertility specialists, and we try deal with the emotional uncertainty that comes with conceiving and IVF.  However we must not forget the mind/body connection and the power of our thoughts and stress and its influence on our psychological and psychological balance. It is widely researched stress has a negative effect on hormones and IVF success rates and continues to gain momentum. 

As a great supporter of a holistic approach to IVF, I believe the best method of improving your chances of a positive pregnancy is to compliment alternative medicine with conventional medicine if it’s monitored by a team of medical and allied health professionals.  This may include, acupuncture, yoga, hypnotherapy, meditation, creative visualisation and acupressure massage to name a few. All these therapies either work on the body's energy system, i.e chi, to restore its flow or on the mind and it's influence of thoughts and the effect on chi in the body. 

This integrated approach takes the body and mind as interconnected and has shown to increase pregnancy rates in infertility patients by also reducing stress and anxiety during cycles.  Bringing the body back to its state of balance I believe is one area that must be looked at when all avenues have been exhausted, if not at the beginning of trying to conceive.

You’ve all heard stories of people say things like:

“It was my last cycle and I just forgot about it and I got pregnant”

“I was so busy planning my wedding, I wasn’t focused on my IVF…and I’m pregnant”

Can clearing the continuous realm of streaming thoughts and calming the mind be one area that could influence the effect on becoming pregnant? 

It is difficult to pinpoint what areas can influence your success, as there are so many contributing factors, however when you have done all the medical investigations, we don't want to leave any stones unturned.




Please note: information on this website is no substitute for consulting a health care professional.  All information contained in this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments is for information purposes only.  Please see your doctor or fertility specialist before starting any alternative treatments, supplements or programs.

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