About me - The IVF Journey

About me  - The IVF Journey


I’m Angela, and I welcome all those new to the Fertility Journey and those already on this journey to my website and first blog.

I am a mother to two young children, a 4th year Occupational Therapy student and  founder of Fertile Horizons.  I am not an expert on everything fertility, however I have travelled the road of trying to conceive, both naturally and with IVF and it was an isolating, emotional road back then. With a determined mind, I endured 22 x  IVF cycles to have our family and it includes miscarriage, investigatory surgeries and an inner strength to keep going. 

There are many women and their partners on this journey sharing their stories on forums for emotional support or leaning on friends and family.  Some I've recently met who have cycled more than this.  As some succeed in their deepest wishes for a baby, there are many others continuing their journey with no baby at all but still a glimmer of hope. 

I want to share with you my insight, and hope that it will provide you strength and what I believe gives you the best chance of falling pregnant. 

My aim is to empower you through your journey with knowledge, inspiration and products that heal the heart and help you find your inner calm.

We are not only body, but mind and spirit and each intrinsically connects with each other. 


It started with a wish…….

I’m forever grateful for the IVF process with 2 healthy children, and the team of professionals that got us there.  However it was not an easy path with our first miracle child taking 7 IVF full stimulation cycles to succeed in 2010. I was 38 years of age when I started IVF and I only ever got 1 frozen embryo in all those cycles, so it was stimulation for eggs at each cycle. Much harder on your body and emotions than a frozen embryo transfer. 

With time not being on my side and only 1 frozen embryo from these cycles, our chances of a second child was extremely slim and as feared ended up as a negative result. An additional 15  IVF cycles later,  more disappointment and tears, I finally fell pregnant again and had another beautiful girl. This was with the help of an amazing egg donor.  Something I am eternally grateful for.

For some the IVF process is a quick journey, with falling pregnant on the first or few goes, for others it can be a heart wrenching, emotional roller coaster, taking years with no one to turn to except scrolling through forums for support and common ground. 

I call these women ‘IVF Warriors’. 

Definition “Warrior” Collins Online Dictionary.

‘A fighter or soldier, one that is very brave.’


I hope your journey is a short one.

I hope my fertility gifts bring you solace.

I wish you to be filled with strength, knowledge and continued faith.

To be able to continue through the storms.

To have hope for the light and love in your soul.

To succeed in where you want to go.


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