About us

The journey to starting a family can be incredibly challenging for some prospective parents.  For some, it can involve hormonal treatment, IVF, donor eggs or sperm, surrogacy and other emotionally and physically challenging paths.

As a society we have often shied away from these topics and thus made the whole process one that is mostly done in secret.  Walk into any gift shop (particularly in a hospital) and you will find gifts and cards for everything from, “Congratulations on your new birth” to, “Get well soon”, but nothing that is appropriate to give to someone who is going through alternative pathways to having babies. 

Our founder knows this journey intimately, having had her own experiences with struggling to fall pregnant naturally and then going through multitudes of IVF cycles.  She noticed that there were no fitting gifts that were sensitive to what she was going through. She felt strongly compelled to create gifts that would allow the giver to express their love and support and the receiver to feel encouraged and buoyed. 

We were inspired to create gifts that are not only sensitive to the emotional experience of new parents going through IVF or other treatments, but also physically safe for anyone trying to fall pregnant, someone who is sensitive to the toxic load of chemicals in their surrounds and the effects that it can have on their ability to fall pregnant and carry to full term. 

Our gifts are non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural, organic, and pregnancy safe. They are designed to give hope and comfort and to let the receiver know that you support them and are hopeful with them. 

Because we understand your unique journey.

Fertile Horizons